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Day 5 of #LivUni10DoT: Tweeting URLs & Media

You can’t say a lot in 140 characters – but you can link to other places on the web where a topic can be discussed at greater length, perhaps in an article or blog post. Maybe you’ve seen a new publication, item of news or a webpage you want to comment on or pass on to your followers. Perhaps you’ve just posted something on a blog or website, uploaded a resource or published an article and you want to encourage people to have a look.

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Day 4 of #LivUni10DoT: Sending @Replies, Mentions and Direct Messaging

You’ve sent some tweets, followed people and hopefully gained some followers of your own. Some people prefer to listen more than they tweet, which is fine – the only thing to consider is, the more you say about your interests and interact with others, the more people will know what kind of information might be useful to you, and direct relevant things your way. It’s a way of fine-tuning your twitter feed as well as providing useful information to others.

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Day 3 of #LivUni10DoT: Following People

You’ve sent your first tweets, creating interesting and engaging content for your potential followers. The other side to Twitter, of course, is the stream of information brought to you by the people you follow. And if you follow people, chances are they will take a look at your profile and decide to follow you in return (which is why setting up a profile with some engaging tweets first was important!).

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Day 2 of #LivUni10DoT: Sending Tweets

Twitter only allows you to send 140 characters, which doesn’t seem much when we are used to writing at length about complex ideas. That doesn’t mean that Twitter is superficial or only used to tweet about frivolous things. Many people, especially in an HE context, who are new to Twitter aren’t sure what to say, or why updates about whatever they’re doing would be interesting to others. But there are actually many aspects of your day-to-day work that would be of very practical use to others.

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Why Bother Tweeting?

Although millions of people are practically attached to their devices and are tweeting al the time, there are still many people who just don’t get it. Why would they bother tweeting? I’ve tweeted in different capacities since the service launched – as both a student and as staff. I’ve linked in with people with shared…

10 Days of Twitter – Coming Soon

So many people are using Twitter these days – isn’t it about time you found out what all the buzz is about? Maybe you have managed to create an account but haven’t really engaged much; or you might just want to make the most of Twitter and learn about some advanced features? This short course…