10 Days of Twitter – Coming Soon

Twitter_logo_blueSo many people are using Twitter these days – isn’t it about time you found out what all the buzz is about?

Maybe you have managed to create an account but haven’t really engaged much; or you might just want to make the most of Twitter and learn about some advanced features?

This short course is aimed at staff and students, and is designed to allow you to engage a little, but often. You will be expected to spend 10 minutes per day over 10 days to get to learn about the different aspects of Twitter. Of course if you miss a day you can easily catch up as the materials will be available for a while.

You can learn more about #LivUni10DoT and see the schedule from the links at the top. You can also subscribe to receive notifications of new posts using the button on the right. We hope to begin the course on the 16th March, 2015.


One thought on “10 Days of Twitter – Coming Soon

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