Why Bother Tweeting?

Twitter on a mobile phone

Twitter mobile CC BY Marland GovPics

Although millions of people are practically attached to their devices and are tweeting al the time, there are still many people who just don’t get it. Why would they bother tweeting?

I’ve tweeted in different capacities since the service launched – as both a student and as staff. I’ve linked in with people with shared interests, whether that’s related to my beloved Everton Football Club or whether it’s with colleagues from across the HE sector interested in using technology to enhance learning and teaching. [Ok, I have posted a few random photographs of my breakfast too!]

Twitter has proven to be an amazing platform for sharing resources – links, articles, etc. As an activity, Social Networking has been practiced for as long as humans have engaged with one another – adopting complex roles and responsibilities within communities. The only difference is that now we’re doing this with new technologies and tools.

Over the course of 10 days, we’ll be working through Twitter – from the basics straight through to some more advanced features. It’s only 10 minutes per day over 10 days – little enough so even the busiest people can engage, and sustained enough so they can really begin to see the benefits.

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